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Online Film Premiere: Into the Canadian Wilderness with Jay and Varina Patel

Jay and Varina Patel Film Premiere

We’re very exited to announce a special event for you featuring the talented TEAM Induro Members Jay and Varina Patel! We sent a film crew from Shade Tree Films out with them into the Canadian Rockies near Banff in Canada to document how they make their stunning outdoor photography.

This film will be premiered online via Google+ exclusively to those who RSVP at

The Google+ Hangout will be in three parts:
Exclusive film premiere of “Outdoor Photography in Banff & Canadian Rockies with Jay and Varina Patel”.
Live Q&A.

Tools and Techniques with Jay and Varina Patel.

Special screening of “In My Bag” videos filmed on location in the Canadian Rockies, plus live Google+ Hangout with Jay and Varina to discuss how they achieve their spectacular landscape photography.

The Story Behind the Story: Go behind the scenes with Shade Tree Films, Jay and Varina.

Join us and the photographers and filmmakers to discuss what got left on the editing room floor, the process of documenting this journey and the techniques Shade Tree Films used to capture this special peek into the lives of two renowned landscape photographers.

On top of that, we will be having a truly special giveaway for those that attend! Awards will include life-changing tools from Induro, F-stop bags, SmugMug, and Joby plus a complete collection of Jay and Varina’s educational titles totaling nineteen books. RSVP today to learn more!

See you there!



New eBook by Jay and Varina Patel: The Photographer’s Companion


We’re delighted to share that TEAM INDURO members Jay and Varina Patel have published another fantastic eBook titled, “The Photographer’s Companion: A Simple Guide to Getting More from your Camera“. Our suggestion: Get it! Get it now!

“What if you could produce great photos right away – without learning all the technical details first? This is the eBook that will get you there.

This highly anticipated eBook from professional photographers Varina and Jay Patel offers 40+ tips and tricks that will help you improve your photography by leaps and bounds… without a lot of technical knowledge.

You’ll get pro tips on camera settings, equipment, light, and creativity in bite-sized pieces designed for beginners. The Photographers Companion is one ‘Aha! Moment’ after another.

If you are just starting out in photography, mastery can seem overwhelming. The Photographer’s Companion is the hand of a pro on your shoulder when you aren’t sure of yourself – and the steady voice in your head when you are fumbling with your controls.”

LensProToGo – HUGE Annual Used Gear Sale!!

Our friends at LensProToGo are holding their annual Used Gear Sale Wednesday, November 13th starting at 12:00PM ET.


Last year’s event was HUGE!! This year’s event promises to be even bigger with hundreds of used items for sale at great prices.

All cameras and lenses come with a 2-year warranty in their original boxes.

If you’re in the market for a camera or lens, don’t miss out! Head on over to LensProToGo for more information.

Webinar: Tools & Techniques for Photographing the Passage of Time


Webinar: Tools & Techniques for Photographing the Passage of Time
: Tuesday, October 22
Time: 1pm EDT
Presenter: Joe Brady

Induro would like to invite you to a live webinar!

Photography is magical. You can use your camera to capture a fleeting moment and a passage of time in a single photograph.

In this free webinar sponsored by us, join host Joe Brady as he demonstrates his approach to capturing the passage of time in both pastoral and urban settings. To capture a unique perspective that creates extra interest, Joe will introduce the Induro Hi-Hat system. A tripod support with a small footprint and big versatility, this incredible system makes it easy to have a stable and low-to-the-ground system that makes capturing a unique perspective both safe and easy.

To calculate the perfect exposure for such long exposures – accomplished with the use of neutral density filters, Joe will also show how he uses the Sekonic L-758DR light meter for easy and precise exposure calculations. In addition, for hiking photographers, you’ll see the lightweight and versatile Benro Travel Angel II system in action.

The images created are fun and exciting, so join us for this informative and inspiring session.

Ali Elhajj Shoots What He Wishes

Growing up during the Lebanese Civil War, Ali Elhajj lived an eventful life before coming to the United States. Since arriving here, he’s lived in states as far flung as Michigan, Hawaii, and Florida, where he’s remained since 2000. Fluent in both English and Arabic, Elhajj has done everything from photography to running a nonprofit organization to grad student marine mammal research to software programming. These diverse endeavors have helped shape who he is, what he photographs, and how he shoots his images.

While living in Hawaii as a college student, his mother gave him a Canon Digital Rebel. “I could see I had an eye, but I could tell I was far away from being a good photographer,” he recalls. This was the beginning of his career as a photographer. Being a writer of software, he’s very technical, but photography gives him “the opportunity to be both technical and artistic at the same time,” he feels.

Elhajj 2

How often do you see eye contact like this in a wildlife photo? ©Ali Elhajj

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Live Video Webinar April 19th: Panoramic Landscape Photography Tools & Techniques

MV Storm Pano

4/19/2012 1:00pm EDT

Join host Joe Brady for this live video webinar on tools and techniques to create panoramic landscape images. Learn how to capture the best images possible in preparation for stitching together in Photoshop with the least amount of editing possible.

Joe will cover the basic technical issues of lens selection, color and exposure and help to simplify the more complex issues of nodal points and hyperfocal distance so that you can create stunning panoramic images with consistent focus and tone while keeping all of the foreground and background elements lined up.

If you want to improve your results with this type of photography that can be both fun and full of impact, join us for this free live video session.

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Andrew Michael Smith and the Center Column

Andrew Michael SmithAndrew Michael Smith is a military photographer stationed in Germany. Although the U.S. Army has him shooting what you’d probably expect, he also has some breathtaking landscapes on his Flickr photostream.

Smith recently posted some great shots of himself in action with his Induro CT214 tripod. He seems to really be enjoying the short center column. A few photos have him with his camera mere inches off the ground. From wind, ice and snow to cozy studio shoots, it looks like this soldier really puts the CT214 through its paces.

Don’t miss the series of Afghanistan photos by this modern day Joe Rosenthal. Keep up the great shots, Andrew—and, of course, thank you for your service!

VIDEO: Rick Sammon on Induro BHL Low Profile Ballheads

Photographer Rick Sammon has made a video demonstrating the new Induro BHL Series Pan Heads. Watch Sammon show off a BHL3 with the universal mount, Arca-Swiss Quick Release system, and double safety lock. He also goes over the leveling capabilities, multiple knobs, the drag control, and the inherent advantages of a ballhead in the studio and on location.

You can find the video on our YouTube channel. Other videos can be found directly on the Induro site.

Great Snowy Owl Hunt

Photographer Meg Rodney has posted about an excursion to the Parker River National Wildlife Refuge on Plum Island. The objective: photograph the elusive Great Snowy Owl on a cold, windswept beach.

The team took along two tripods with Induro GH Series Gimbal Heads, along with a range of bodies and heavy glass from both Nikon and Canon. They encountered a sandpiper, egrets, swans and Canadian geese, but it appears the Great Snowy Owl was a no-show.

Check out the details in the full post at It looks like a cold, but educational adventure.

Eric Brazier’s Car-Mounted Rig

Eric Brazier has created an interesting video of driving around Montreal. He’s also, possibly even more impressive, put together a mounting for his Canon EOS 5D Mark II inside his car. Building a “MacGyvered/ghetto rig,” in his words, Brazier mounted his Induro tripod on the passenger side of his car. Check out his full post for the video, the story, and behind-the-scenes photos.

Check out Brazier’s site for more of his work, including his Photo Blog, The Daily Mobile. Nice work, Eric!