How to Shoot Arches National Park

Sam AntonioThe San Diego Reader has published a story by Sam Antonio with tips on how to get the best photos from your trip to Arches National Park (or any fabulous outdoor location).

One of the most important aspects of any photography is light and that’s why Antonio recommends that essential piece of photo gear, the alarm clock! He writes, “Get up early and stay out late to photograph at sunrise and sunset, when nature’s light returns the favor of your early rising with deep saturated colors.”

Sunrises and sunsets are beautiful but as the light fades, getting sharp photos becomes more challenging. That’s why Antonio suggests a “rock steady” tripod. “Professional lenses,” he writes, “will deliver some great shots for you, but if your camera isn’t steady, you’ll get blurry photos. Invest in a good tripod before you invest in quality lenses.”

The Induro CT014 folds up to a carry-on-friendly 18 inches and is made of super-lightweight carbon fiber so it won’t be a burden while you’re out enjoying the great outdoors.

For more tips, read the full article at The San Diego Reader. Don’t miss more of Sam Antonio’s work at his site.


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