Outdoor Photo Gear on the Induro CT414

If you’re sporting big glass, especially on location, the Induro CT414 is the tripod you want to trust your investment to. At least that’s the conclusion of Florida wildlife photographer Maxis Gamez, writing for Outdoor Photo Gear.

In a thoughtful review which covers all the bases weighed when considering a new tripod, Gamez has put together a comprehensive analysis of the CT414. He includes a handy table of the model’s specifications, along with many photos of the tripod in action.

©Maxis Gamez

Gamez photographs marine birds in Southwest Florida, and regularly contends with sand and saltwater. These two elements can pose serious issues to the functionality and long term stability of lesser tripods. Sand and water are kept out of the inner workings of the CT414, which Gamez writes about in his review. “This tripod offers a very unique seal I find extremely brilliant, which it doesn’t allow water to penetrate the tripod legs.”

Gamez locked and loaded on the beach. ©Maxis Gamez

Gamez also gives high marks to the CT414’s height (a maximum of 77.6 inches), balance, and weight. He was impressed with the pricing and overall quality, plus the attention to detail on many smaller issues, such as the tool kit, compact folding size, and user-changeable feet.

Thanks for the raves, Maxis! Glad you’re enjoying your Induro CT414. Readers should definitely check out the review for themselves, plus the author’s fine wildlife photography and workshops.

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