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Mike Prince’s Minimalism

Mike Prince - Windermere

© 2012 Mike Prince

Mike Prince finds inspiration where the sea and land meet. He’s been creating some very Zen-like images using long exposures, a monochrome palette, and a “less is more” aesthetic. What follows is his own thoughts to provide a peek behind one of his shots.

This small jetty lies on the banks of Windermere, the largest lake in the English Lake District. Although the scenery is breath-taking, there are a number of challenges associated with making photographs here. Windermere is one of the most photographed places in the Lakes and also one of the busiest. There is a huge challenge in trying to make a picture without several dozen pleasure craft circling in the background. Once, during a particularly long exposure, an empty scene was joined by a cruiser, which not only arrived and stopped but even managed to put down the anchor — all during a single exposure.

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Brian J. Zwit’s Big and Heavy Tripod

Big and Heavy TripodsBrian J. Zwit, an instructor at Blue Ridge Photography Workshops, has posted a story about his desire to carry a “big and heavy” tripod almost everywhere.

Zwit writes the reason he carries a big Induro CT414 tripod and the Induro BHL3 ballhead is because, “The combination provides me the sturdiest platform for capturing the sharpest image possible regardless of which camera and lens I am using for the shot.”

Giving details about the type of glass he’s packing, the use of other tripods of varying mass, he says his Induro gear is, “built better than any of its competition.”

Thanks much, Brian. We’re glad you’re happy with your current Induro gear. Hope to hear more when you make that move to the CT214 or CT213!

Patrick Comtois on the BHL-3 Ballhead

BHL-3Patrick Comtois has reviewed the Induro BHL-3 Ballhead on his blog, Photographic Vignettes. Comtois includes his thoughts on the BHL-3 and why he considered it as an addition to his Induro carbon fiber tripod. In addition, he includes a table with model specs.

Citing price and build-quality, Comtois explains his reasons for purchase, some of the standout features, and how he feels about his Induro gear.

In part, he writes, “I already have an Induro carbon fiber tripod and I knew the quality of that product was second to none, so I had no reason to suspect the ball-head would be any different. Reasonably priced as compared to RRS Ball-head which I considered, the BHL-3 had everything I wanted.”

He concludes with:

“If you are in the market for new gear and are looking for high quality products built in the USA, check out the line of Induro gear for yourself and see how it compares. I am extremely pleased with my purchase.”

Thanks, Patrick. Enjoy your new ballhead, and congrats!

Induro Announces New Low-Profile, Heavy-Duty BHL Ballheads

Induro announces the new low-profile, heavy-duty Induro BHL Ballheads.

Designed for use with today’s most popular professional camera systems, the new top of the line Induro BHL-Series low-profile ballheads provide secure and steady support for heavy camera bodies and lenses. Capable of supporting significantly more weight than most conventional ballheads, advanced composite materials make the BHL Ballheads about 20% lighter and 15% more compact than other comparable ballheads.

These new ballheads feature oversized head lock knobs with unique integrated lock limiter tension control, independent panning action lock and an Arca-Swiss style quick release system with double safety lock. They also include a built-in bubble level for accurate camera alignment.

“With the introduction of the new Induro BHL Series Ballheads, the most advanced in our line, Induro now provides photographers with a full range of ballheads capable of supporting virtually any camera and lens combination as well as other optical systems,” said Jan Lederman, President of Induro. “These new BHL Ballheads deliver maximum support for high-end DSLR’s, medium- and large-format cameras and video systems offering the flexibility and precise control that professional photographers demand.”

Features include:

  • Oversized head lock knob provides a good all-weather grip for smooth camera positioning and locking control
  • Unique integrated lock limiter tension control permits rapid independent adjustment compensation for individual camera weights
  • Separate pan action lock and graduated base scale makes 360-degree horizontal camera positioning simple and repeatable
  • Arca-Swiss style quick release system accepts industry standard interchangeable QR plates and brackets. Includes a matching Arca-Swiss compatible Quick Release Plate.
  • Double safety lock with dual-action control assures smooth, secure and rapid camera changes
  • Built-in bubble level – easily maintain horizontal camera positioning and alignment

The Induro BHL Ballheads are available in three sizes from retailers throughout the United States at prices ranging from $192 – $311 depending on the model.

Induro Introduces New Lightweight BHS Ballheads

Press Release

Elmsford, NY (August 15, 2011)Induro, makers of tripods, heads and accessories designed for demanding professional photographers, announces today the new lightweight BHS Ballheads.

The new Induro BHS-Series Ballheads offer a lightweight, well-balanced adjustable support for a wide range of cameras and lenses and are compatible with most compact and professional tripods. Providing a secure dual quick release locking system and built-in bubble ensures fast camera mounting, dismounting and leveling. A single lever locks camera position and head rotation simultaneously. Each Ballhead includes a matching Snap-in Style Quick Release Plate.

“Induro’s new BHS-Series Ballheads have been designed with today’s on-the-go professional photographer in mind,” said Jan Lederman, President of Induro. “With features that allow for spot-on accuracy as well as extra camera locking security, photographers can be confident that these ballheads will be an affordable accessory they can rely on.”

Features include:

  • Single Action Adjustment for quick and precise camera positioning
  • Integrated Bubble Level allows adjustment to prevent uneven pans and tripod head movements
  • Dual Locking Quick Release System with patented spring lock combined with manual release provides extra security
  • Includes Snap-in Quick Release Plate

The Induro BHS Ballheads are available in three sizes from retailers throughout the United States at prices ranging from $52 – $76 depending on the model.


Ian Sitren Goes Light

We first reported on Ian Sitren for the Mamiya blog. Sitren has made a photographic career of his interest in bodybuilding, and is considered a top shooter for magazines and sites catering to those interested in pumping iron.

©Ian Sitren

After testing out his new Induro gear at a recent bodybuilding event, Sitren sent us the following text and photos describing his shooting. Normally used to heavy lifting behind the camera and when he’s pumping his own iron, things have changed for him. Here’s the report he sent to catch up with his admirers at MAC Group.

©Ian Sitren

I just returned from the 2010 Mr. Olympia competitions in Las Vegas at the Orleans Arena. This is the most prestigious event in professional bodybuilding and, of course, I would not shoot an event like this without planning on creating the finest photos possible. But this was the lightest and most convenient gearing up I have ever done for the Olympia made possible by the Induro MC25 Monopod and the DM23 Ballhead.

©Ian Sitren

In my relatively small shoulder bag, I carried two bodies, two lenses, a lens extender, a few CF cards and my Induro support right across it in once convenient small and light package. Setup in the confined space of the press area was simple and convenient. The monopod in combination with the ball-head gave me quick and easy fluid movements to accommodate all of the action across the whole stage. As you can see, even in the press section, we were not that close to the stage, so shooting long was a requirement. My Induro support system was solid and reliable even when the action was flying!

©Ian Sitren

I was even able to go out to a nice restaurant after the show with a magazine publisher and friends without being encumbered by huge bags and equipment.

©Ian Sitren

Wonderful images and great packing, Ian. Thanks for the update!

Ian Sitren Photography

Ian Sitren blog

Capturing Drift, Controlling Vibration

D.C. Chavez posted a great story chronicling his commercial work with Formula Drift drivers for an energy drink sponsor. He mounted a Canon EOS 5D Mark II and a 16-35mm f/2.8L lens on an Induro BHD3 ballhead inside champion Chris Forsberg’s car. Despite a tremendous amount of torque in drift driving, Chavez writes, “the BHD3 is the only ballhead I have used so far that has not loosened up after a lap or two with the 5D MK II.”

Known for his blog, where he documents putting off-the-shelf commercial photographic gear through real world production experience, Chavez also provides detailed accounts of how to use equipment which can baffle some mere mortal photographers.

The footage Chavez shot so impressed the director, he asked to incorporate is into the commercial. See the Canon and Induro rig’s results at :10, :13, and :24 in the below video.

Chavez also details work for another drift team sponsored by Hyundai. He documents how he eliminated vibration his in-car camera suffered by applying a Magic Arm. As always, a deeply informative piece. He even closes with a shout-out for the Induro CT313 tripod, which he hiked with over four days at elevations of 10,000 to 14,110 feet. Hooray for Induro Carbon Fiber!

Induro’s BHD Series BallHeads, and Some Head Shots.

Sooo, lest you think the Gimbal Head is the only trick Induro has up its sleeve, I thought I’d introduce you to the BHD Series of Ballheads. This series isn’t so strong by accident- the new Induro product lineup was designed with valuable input from photographers, dealers and engineers. Induro has a team always searching for that next new concept.

These ballheads are designed to handle nearly any any shooting situation and camera, from compact still and video cameras, to full-sized professional gear. Want more info? You’re in luck:


I thought it’d be fun to wrap up our ballhead exploration with some head shots. Get it? First, let’s have some portraits made by a major pro- Dan Winters. Mr. Winters is truly the A-list of portrait photographers- here are some recent shots.


Mr. President


Christopher Walken


Mary Louise Parker

And for some added fun- here are some head shots of a different variety, by photographer Meg Wachter. Wachter is an up-and-comer with some amusing ideas.


Yeah, you’d need a tripod to capture these.


And a shower for your guests.


Read more about Induro’s new line of ballheads, here!