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Hiking Nirvana with Brian J. Zwit

Photographer Brian J. Zwit has written about practical issues of hiking and photography. There’s a lot of gear to hump through the woods when you’re a serious photographer, and much of it involves sadistic straps which don’t bother you much at the trailhead, but a half-hour into the trip can become tortuous.

For serious hiking, her prefers the Induro CT214 and BHL1 combination. The weight (just 4.2 pounds) versus performance of this rig is ideal for long hikes, Zwit feels.

In another post, Zwit has also written about why he carries a big and heavy tripod “almost everywhere” he goes, primarily the Induro CT414 with the BHL3.

©Brian J. Zwit

Ricketts Glen State Park, Central Pennsylvania, shot on an Induro CT214. ©Brian J. Zwit

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Brian J. Zwit’s Big and Heavy Tripod

Big and Heavy TripodsBrian J. Zwit, an instructor at Blue Ridge Photography Workshops, has posted a story about his desire to carry a “big and heavy” tripod almost everywhere.

Zwit writes the reason he carries a big Induro CT414 tripod and the Induro BHL3 ballhead is because, “The combination provides me the sturdiest platform for capturing the sharpest image possible regardless of which camera and lens I am using for the shot.”

Giving details about the type of glass he’s packing, the use of other tripods of varying mass, he says his Induro gear is, “built better than any of its competition.”

Thanks much, Brian. We’re glad you’re happy with your current Induro gear. Hope to hear more when you make that move to the CT214 or CT213!