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It’s a Sporting Monday! Three Old, Three New.

There’s been a lot of sportiness going on in my world lately, how about in yours? I found myself at a sports bar last night to watch the US Open Women’s final, and I was surrounded by 23 or so TVs excitedly blasting the football season’s premiere. I’m not historically a sports fanatic, but there was something comforting about all those glowing screens. Plus, I have Yankees tickets for tonight. So I’m really in the mood.

I’ve also been enjoying The New York Times’ Play Magazine recently, there’s a lot of strong photography. I thought it would be fun to explore some old and new sports photography juxtapositions. So here are three of each.


Washington, D.C., circa 1915. "Women's tennis league section leaders." Harris & Ewing Collection glass negative.


May 30, 1925. Chevy Chase, Maryland. "Miss Florence Skadding and H.J. McMullan. Opening of new pool at Columbia Country Club."


Humberside Collegiate in Toronto, sometime in 1950


Favre in the throwback New York Titans uniform worn by the Jets earlier this season. Photo by Vincent Laforet.


U.S.C. football coach Pete Carroll. Photo by Levon Bliss.


Offshore Sailing School’s becalmed Florida classroom. Photo by Cass Bird.

Go team! See more work by Vincent Laforet, Levon Bliss and Cass Bird.